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Cuisinart enameled cast-iron cookware is nearly half off right now

Grab the 7-quart casserole for less than $70.

One of the pieces of kitchen cookware that sees the most action in my home is anything made of enameled cast iron. If you haven't got any at your disposal, there are deep discounts on two nice pieces of Cuisinart enameled cast iron happening at Amazon. A Cuisinart 7-quart casserole is marked down 46% right now while the 12-inch Cuisinart stovetop chicken fryer is down 22%, while supplies last. Either one would make a sharp gift for Father's Day for any dad who cooks. 

Enameled cast iron is revered for its durability and consistently even distribution of heat. When covered, it works like a mini convection oven within the larger oven, providing heat retention and distribution to your slow braises and roasts. Enameled cast iron pots also make the perfect home for a slow Sunday gravy or red sauce. Most cast iron is just a bit heavier than other kitchenware but an enameled coating makes it easy to clean and gives it an undeniable French country aesthetic we just can't resist. 


This 7-quart casserole -- available in matte snow white -- is enameled for a strong and durable outer surface that can withstand both high heat and open flame. Ideal for braises, stews and soups, it's also dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup.


This 12-inch cast iron chicken fryer goes easily from oven to stovetop with handle and lid for a quick fry or saute and back under the coils to finish. Superior heat retention and even distribution mean you'll have evenly cooked food, done fast. It's available in this fun blue gradient, fire engine red, matte white and teal.

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