Cufflinks with Wi-Fi hot spot turn you into a digital 007

Move your data around the world with a flick of your fancy wrist.

These sweet digital 007 accessories let you carry a router around on your wrist. Brookstone

Let's face it. What's the point of wearing any fashion accessory that doesn't help you move your data around? I mean, that would just be a waste.

Fortunately, Brookstone has you covered with this slick pair of Wi-Fi-enabled cufflinks. These silver oval 'links keep your cuffs together without the embarrassment of using some silly analog plastic buttons, and also double as a USB thumbdrive with 2GB of storage and an embedded wireless hot spot.

They can be used to share data and Internet access between smartphones, tablets, laptops, and just about anything else that's USB- or wireless-compatible.

There's no need for every piece of jewelry to be functional, of course. If you're more concerned with making a clear statement, I'd suggest this pair of Facebook "Like" and "Dislike" 'links. If you fancy yourself more of a tinkerer when it comes to haute couture, try these open-source wrist accessories.

Still see yourself as more of a MacGyver type drooling over the above USB Wi-Fi silver set? Have at it, but they'll cost you--Brookstone's asking $249.99 for the pair.

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