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Cuff tries to keep Wiimote under control

Trying to prevent gaming disasters

IGg Factory

As the Wii travels the world and gets increasingly challenging, we cringe at the thought of how the next fool will inflict injury (on self or others). Some accessory makers are coming out with safe-gaming products that take the form of pint-sized sports equipment such as tennis rackets, golf clubs and baseball bats, but a simpler solution is now available.

The "Retractable Wii Sports Cuff" is a plain old adjustable band that attaches to the Wiimote and wraps around your wrist to keep the controller from flying off the handle, so to speak, for just $6. Kotaku says the Velcro-fastened cuff can still allow the Wiimore to extend up to 13 inches so it won't cramp your game.

We're kind of surprised that someone hasn't come up with the most obvious combo accessory: a safety strap that doubles as a workout weight.