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Cucku online backup goes pro

Cucku introduces its pro version of its online backup solution that costs $49.95 and supports multiple partners.

Cucku on Monday further enhanced its online backup service with the announcement of Cucku Backup Pro.

Previously, the company had been offering a free, nonpro version of the solution.

Unlike most traditional online backup services that store your data at a center, Cucku doesn't provide any storage space. Instead, it offers a way for you to put your personal data on a friend's computer. This means your backup storage space is as big as the unused hard disk on that computer.

The Cucku's Backup Pro now enhances this service by adding support for multiple partners. This means you can spread your data to more than one friend's computer. At the same time, you can also use your computer to host the backups of multiple friends. The software even allows you to manage others' backups.

With these new features, Cucku's Backup Pro is intended for home users and those who need their backup replicated to multiple computers for better protection against disasters. Also, this makes Cucku a viable backup solution for small businesses.

Cucku Backup Pro cost $49.95 for three concurrent installs. While I think this is worth it, LaCie's Wuala offers a similar solution for free. Nonetheless, Cucku's existing, nonpro, single-partner backup solution remains the same and is free for everyone to use.