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Cubicle periscope keeps eye on co-workers

It keeps watch where you can't.


As staunch advocates of workplace productivity, we at Crave seize on any tips that may help hasten your day at the office. A few months ago, for instance, we featured an ingenious item called the "StealthSwitch," a foot-operated device that instantly hides whatever is on your screen the moment an inconsiderate co-worker approaches your personal space.

Further fulfilling our obligation today is the "Sportscope Cubicle Periscope," which Technabob concedes was designed for spectator sports but is also "ideally suited for snooping around your office." We prefer to look at it in a more positive light, as the tool of an enterprising employee taking a pro-active initiative, rather than resorting to reactive devices such as the StealthSwitch.

As for the specs, the $60 scope has a 5x magnification and can be adjusted from 15 to 22 inches, which is more than enough to peer around corners and over cubicle partitions. It also sports a handle and belt clip for multitasking purposes.

We know Dwight would most certainly approve.