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New crimefighting technique makes fingerprints glow neon (Tomorrow Daily 263)

Ashley discusses Stanford's auto-drifting DeLorean, a new and more efficient way for forensics teams to recover fingerprints and a 3D-printed car and house that can power each other.

We know Back to the Future Day is over, but we saw Stanford's self-drifting, donut-making DeLorean and couldn't help but share it with you. They're working on studying how self-driving cars handle themselves when emergency maneuvers are required, and part of that research included gutting a DeLorean and giving it an electric motor and autonomous features. Their work may someday help automakers understand self-driving cars when extreme incidents occur, but honestly, we just loved watching the car automatically do donuts while its occupants enjoyed the ride.

When Dr. Kang Liang's home was robbed, he noticed the process of fingerprint recovery as law enforcement combed his home for clues, and wondered if there was a way he could improve the process. Working with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Liang was able to develop a liquid that forms an ultra thin coating on top of fingerprints left behind, making it fast and easy for forensics teams to photograph and analyze the data compared with more traditional methods.

The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed a platform called AMIE (that's short for Additive Manufacturing and Integrated Energy) that has the ability to intelligently allow energy to flow in both directions between a 3D-printed car, and a 3D-printed house. The goal is to work toward energy conservation, and AMIE is a good way to show how commercial products might make use of the technology.

As for what we're into this week, Ashley enjoyed the 360-degree music video for a remix of The Weeknd's "The Hills," while Producer Logan can't get enough Guitar Hero Live in his life.

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263: New crimefighting technique makes fingerprints glow neon

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