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Cruet pulls double duty

Double cruet can hold two liquids at once in dual compartments

MoMA Store

Whoever thinks that oil and water don't mix has another think coming: with this Double Cruet designed by Rudi Keller for the MoMA Design Store, you can store two different liquids right next to each other.

So maybe you won't choose to mix oil and water, but oil and balsamic vinegar would be a delicious combination for a salad, or you could pour oil into both sides and infuse them with different herbs and flavorings. Either way, having the option to double up your liquids in one vessel is both convenient and tasty.

The taste factor isn't the only upside to owning this gadget, though; it also has a no-drip spout. This is good news if you're anything like me, and you have a pantry full of slippery oil bottles.

For $16 on the MoMA Design Store Web site, you can double up your dressings by getting this cruet.