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Crossy Road multiplayer quadruples the roadkill

The original Crossy Road has added multiplayer for Android, with iOS on the way.

That multiplayer demo for Crossy Road shown off by Hipster Whale at the Apple Special Event in September last year has finally arrived for Android.

The latest update brings two to four person multiplayer between players who are connected via a Wi-Fi network. Players compete for the highest individual score, but need to work together to an extent. Even though every player is playing on their own device, everyone sees the same screen, which means no one can blast ahead.

This is because the leaderboards are based on team score. The better everyone does, the higher the team goes up the leaderboards. So while you're competing, it's also in your best interest to play nice... at least a little bit.

As long as there remains a player alive, players who get smooshed will be revived. The round ends when all players are wiped out.

At this point in time, there are no plans for an online mode, but the multiplayer update for iOS will land in May. You can grab the game for free on Google Play or the iTunes app store.