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Crossfade TV: Nina Simone, UFO!, Red House Painters

Crossfade TV this week checks out some unreleased Nina Simone recordings, new electronica from UFO!, and a beautiful new album from Mark Kozelek's band Sun Kil Moon.

On Crossfade TV this week, the Download Music crew checks out a cool new set of previously unreleased recordings and interviews from the late jazz/blues/gospel/soul artist Nina Simone called Protest Anthology; a few new songs from electronic artist UFO! (not to be confused with the Brits who brought you the classic-rock staple "Too Hot Too Handle"); and the brand-new album from Sun Kil Moon, the name Mark Kozelek seems to be sticking with (after long-ago retiring his previous band name, Red House Painters).

Crossfade TV is a collaboration between Download Music and CNET TV.