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Crosley Revolution resurrects the Sound Burger

The Crosley Revolution portable turntable brings new life to an old design made famous in the '80s by Audio-Technica.

The Crosley Revolution portable turntable.
The Crosley Revolution puts a new spin on an old design. Crosley

The Crosley brand is known for creating vintage-styled radio and stereos with modern day features, such as CD players and USB connections. Typically, its designs hearken back to the '50s, complete with wood grain paneling, oversized knobs, and the golden glow of an analog radio dial.

With its latest USB turntable, the Crosley Revolution, the brand turns its retro sensibilities to the '80s, reviving a portable turntable design from the Walkman era.

Specifically, the Crosley Revolution looks like a spitting image of the Audio Technica Sound Burger, a unique portable turntable from the early '80s that has become something of a collector's item in recent years due to its nostalgic design and mythic sound quality.

Like it's predecessor, the Revolution sports belt-driven 33/44 RPM modes, along with a headphone output, line out, battery power (6xAA), and an optional power adapter input. You also get a built-in speaker, and modern features such as an FM transmitter, and a USB output for making audio recordings directly to your computer.

The Crosley Revolution hits shelves this fall, priced at $149 for the black model. Red, ivory, and mint versions of the Revolution will be available at Urban Outfitters, marked up at $179. The fact that hipsters might buy something that can also be found in their granddad's Hammacher Schlemmer catalog: priceless.

Sound Burger
The original Audio Technica Sound Burger from the '80s. Audio Technica