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Crop circles for space

SpaceFarm 7, a collaboration between NASA and seven farms across the United States, celebrates 50 years of manned space flight. Members of the public are invited to choose their favorite, and one winner will get to visit Kennedy Space Center.

This is one of seven corn mazes created across the U.S. to celebrate 50 years of manned spaceflight and NASA. Space Farm 7

There are corn mazes, and then there are NASA-themed corn mazes.

Over at Universe Today, there's a great piece on SpaceFarm 7: To celebrate 50 years of manned spaceflight, the U.S. space agency has teamed up with the creators of corn mazes in seven regions across the country on SpaceFarm 7, a set of special crop circles that represent each area's efforts on behalf NASA.

"Seven 'Space Farms' around the country have chosen to honor NASA and the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight with their 2011 corn maze designs," NASA wrote on its Web site. "Using themes highlighting each region's contribution to NASA, the farms are open to the public and feature space-related educational games and activities.

"When the plans were explained to NASA, the agency was happy to contribute design themes and recommendations for each region, as well as education and outreach materials so that the public can learn more about NASA."

Check out all seven of the corn mazes, and if you vote for your favorite, you could win a trip for four to Kennedy Space Center and lunch with an astronaut.