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Critical Mass meets iPhone Day

The monthly cavalcade of bicyclists might be heading down San Francisco's Market Street just as iPhone silliness kicks into high gear.

Downtown San Francisco is going to be one interesting place this evening, as the iPhone line outside Apple's store bumps up against the monthly Critical Mass ride.

Presumably, you're familiar with the iPhone. The lines in San Francisco awaiting the 6 p.m. launch might not be as deep as those outside the Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York, but at last check people were lined up along two city blocks.

Stockton Street in San Francisco, looking down toward Market. Tom Krazit/CNET

At 5:30 p.m., just down Market Street in Justin Herman Plaza, the monthly gathering of bicyclists known as Critical Mass will kick off. Critical Mass is an unsupervised, unregulated bike ride through the streets of San Francisco as well as many other cities, famous for tying up traffic and drawing the ire of motorists.

There's no set route for Critical Mass, but riders do tend to head down Market Street away from the Financial District toward Apple's store on the corner of Stockton and Ellis. It's set a bit away from Market Street itself, but might draw the attention of riders looking for a diversion.

What will happen when one passionate and offbeat group meets another? Will the universe collapse upon itself as free-spirited bikers descend upon amped-up gadgetheads? Will we run out of things to say about the iPhone? You'll just have to stay tuned.