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Crime-fighting phone hits streets of China

If stolen, Chinese handset can help track down thief

Every once in awhile, a product comes along that makes us sad because it reflects some form of societal decay. Case in point: Even though we were initially interested in the Tianyu B832 for its attractive black-lacquer design, it turns out that the phone's most distinguishing feature may be its crime-fighting capabilities.

If the handset is stolen and the thief tries to make calls using a different SIM card, for example, it will automatically send a text message to your old number (which you'll presumably want to keep with your new phone). Mobile Magazine says the message will report whatever number the thief is trying to use, as well as other information that could help the police track down the perp. You can also remotely lock the pilfered phone out of your carrier's network, no matter what number is being used.

The phone is available only in China for the time being, but it could be exported if it proves popular. Maybe by then the next version will handcuff the creep too.