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Cricket's back-to-school promo knocks back prices on eight phones

AT&T's newly refreshed Cricket Wireless brand gives new customers a break with mail-in rebates.

A seasonal summer promo skims costs on some phones. Cricket

Promotional sales may be a dime a dozen in the cell phone industry, but for a lot of people, every little bit helps. AT&T-owned Cricket Wireless gets in the spirit of back-to-school with a limited-time promotion that trims back costs on several of its prepaid phones.

Depending on the device in question, Cricket will reduce the cost for new customers, and possibly add a $50 mail-in rebate besides.

Phones include the Nokia Lumia 630 , which winds up being free after the discounts, Lumia 520 , and 1320 ; the ZTE Prelude , Sonata , and Overture ; Samsung Galaxy Express 4G ; and the Motorola Moto G .

Article updated to correct a previous misstatement about activation fees.