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AT&T's Cricket jumps on Samsung Galaxy S6 bandwagon, sets price at $20 down

The smartphone is the first flagship to launch with Cricket's new trio of Phone Payment Plans.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes to Cricket on April 24. Josh Miller/CNET

Cricket Wireless is the latest US carrier to sell the Samsung Galaxy S6 , a CNET Editors' Choice winner. Customers can buy the phone online and in Cricket stores using one of the carrier's new Phone Payment Plans.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes to the prepaid provider on April 24 for $650. Customers can buy the device up front, or spread out payments over time.

Qualified buyers can walk out with the S6 for as low as $20 down; the rest of the cost is split up evenly over 20 months.

Alternatively, customers can opt for a rent-to-own option of $50 down and no required credit check. The catch is that you'll have to pay off the entire balance within 90 days.

For a limited time, Cricket is giving T-Mobile, Metro-PCS, Sprint and Boost switchers a month of free service for porting their number over. The deal runs through the end of April and requires customers to complete two months of service on a $50 or $60 plan.

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