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Cricket offers $50 to switch, tacks on another $50 lure for T-Mobile users

The prepaid wireless carrier is offering a special deal to people who switch by July 14. Just pay attention to the fees.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless has a deal for you. Switch to the prepaid mobile carrier and Cricket will give a $50 credit. Switching from T-Mobile? That's another $50 credit, and tack on another $35 if you bring your own (unlocked) phone to the plan.

But there are some requirements. First, the offer ends July 14. Second you have to port over your existing number and sign on for plans costing at least $40 a month. You should also expect to pay almost $10 for a new Cricket SIM card and up to $25 in fees, including taxes.

AT&T inherited the Cricket brand with its $1.2 billion acquisition in 2014 of Leap Wireless.