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Cricket is the latest to give out wireless goodies

The wireless carrier says it's going to offer discounted gift cards and other items as part of a new rewards program.

See the smiles on their faces? It's probably because they're getting free stuff.

Cricket Wireless

Those wireless companies continue to live the lyrics "the best things in life are free."

After T-Mobile began offering pizza last year, followed by "AT&T Thanks" with free movie tickets, and just recently Virgin Mobile's $1 service deal, Cricket (an AT&T subsidiary) is joining the fray. Though it may not be offering free food, the company said it will sell discounted gift cards and offer raffles for prizes like a new phone or tickets to the House of Blues during a "Cricket Rewards Week" from June 26 through June 30.

"We believe our customers deserve to be rewarded daily, and we make sure they are, with Cricket Rewards," the company said.