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Cree targets LED module at light fixture makers

How to speed up adoption of LED lighting? Cree introduces a package designed to make it simpler for fixture companies to build lamps using the efficient technology.

Cree on Tuesday introduced a line of modules designed to speed up development of fixtures that use energy-efficient LED lighting.

LED lighting company Cree has created an integrated module aimed at lamp makers, in the hopes of speeding adoption of efficient LEDs. Cree

This summer the company will make available a piece of equipment that includes an LED light, heat sink, and electronics to control the light. Until now, Cree has supplied either components to lighting companies or complete systems, such as down lights--that is, applications in which light is directed, such as overhead lights in a restaurant.

By creating an integrated lighting module, Cree hopes to attract more light fixture makers to LED lighting, according to company executives. The module can put out 700 lumens of white light at 2700 kelvins and consumes 12 watts. That's equivalent to the light given off by a 50-watt incandescent bulb.

The company expects that the module, about the size of half a grapefruit, will be used in commercial and residential lamps, particulary for downlighting applications where LEDs are often used now.

Because they can be more energy-efficient and long-lasting, LED lighting systems are becoming more attractive, particularly in commercial settings such as restaurants or warehouses, where customer tend to look at a total cost of ownership rather than just the purchase price. A number of start-up companies are trying to bring down the cost of solid-state lighting systems.

Other general lighting companies have introduced LED lights that can fit in standard screw-in (aka Edison) light sockets, but Cree is still evaluating whether to create a product in that category, according to a company representative.