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Creature carnage comic 'Enormous' rampaging onto TV

Look out Godzilla: giant monsters will roar onto the small screen in the planned adaptation.

"Enormous" should keep fans of Godzilla entertained. Mehdi Cheggour/Image

Was there just not enough Godzilla for you in last year's "Godzilla"? Wanted more kaiju in "Pacific Rim"? Then prepare to do the monster mash one more time with a TV adaptation of creature carnage comic "Enormous".

Created by Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour and published by 215 Ink, the comic tells the story of a former schoolteacher searching for survivors in an apocalyptic world dominated by a race of colossal monsters called "The Enormous". It was first published as a one-shot in 2012, then became an on-going series last year.

According to Deadline, no showrunner or other creative types have been announced yet. 20th Century Fox Television, New Regency Television and Prime Universe Films will produce the show, off the back of a short film shown online last year.

The pilot short was backed and distributed by Machinima, which previously created the original series "Halo: Forward Unto Dawn" based on Microsoft's smash hit game. In a tactic also adopted by Amazon when deciding which shows to produce, several pilots were opened up to public scrutiny, and "Enormous" is now set to mutate into a giant tail-swinging, building-smashing, fire-roaring behemoth.

For a taste of the monster melee to come, check out the nine-and-a-half-minute short film below.