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Creative's pampered, boisterous offspring

The Zen Wav adds to the growing family

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If a phone can have a bed and an iPod a hammock, they why can't an MP3 player have a nice comfy chair?

That, at least, is what the dock for Creative's "Zen Wav" looks like to us. But the youngest in the family is often spoiled, so we're not really surprised. The Wav is the latest of an ever-growing list of siblings from Creative, this one featuring a 1.5-inch color LCD and 2GB of memory in an aluminum case for about $114 on the Singapore market.

Electronista says its built-in speakers, however, are what Creative is touting as special about the Wav (which, by the way, plays more than WAV files). The snugly fitting cradle is supposed to enhance the player's sound to obviate the need for earbuds, at least while listening at home. And the little guy will be cozy all the while.