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Creative Zen Vision:W "leaked"

Creative Zen Vision:W "leaked"

The folks at have posted a pic and some details about the rumored Zen Vision:W; this information was actually published in the latest Popular Mechanics magazine. Yes, print media still lives!

Anyway, the W in Zen Vision:W stands for wide screen, as in 4.3 inches and 16:9, compared to the plain old Vision's 4:3 3.7-inch screen. Popular Mechanics apparently loves the portable video player ("plays every format we've thrown at it..."), which comes in 30GB ($399) and 60GB ($499) capacities. That's kind of pricey, actually, for a device that doesn't record video (the 30GB Archos 604 costs $350). Still, we're excited to check out the screen and new features, if any. Stay tuned; we're waiting to hear back from Creative.

Source: (via Gizmodo)