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Creative Zen to come in new 32GB and 2GB capacities

If you've heard of Creative's Zen you might be interested to know it's about to be available with 32GB of internal flash memory. What better way is there to start the December weekend?

It's been an interesting month for Creative. We've seen details for 4GB and 8GB versions of the little Zen Stone Plus, and the company has celebrated selling its 25 millionth digital music player. But it's not stopping there. Apparently the SD-loving Zen is now getting its capacity upped to a whopping 32GB! And it's flash, not a hard disk. Let us say that again: thirty-two gigabytes of flash memory.

Oh, and there's also a 2GB version available on the UK site for £69. But that's not as interesting, is it?

Creative is really pushing the boat out with this 32GB puppy and it's an admirable boat to be pushing. The Zen has terrific sound quality, one of the best screens we've ever seen and it also supports unprotected AAC files, the oft-touted successor to MP3 and the format used by the iTunes Store. Plus, it also supports SDHC cards -- meaning, when they're available next year, you'll be able to add 16GB to the memory.

Regarding availability, there are no concrete details known. We had words with our friends at Creative and they said a release isn't imminent and that'd it's likely to be a post-Q1 2008 launch. We'll keep you duly posted. If you're not familiar with our opinion of the Zen, check out our review here. -Nate Lanxon

Update: So much for Creative's "It's not going to happen any time soon" speech. Creative's UK site just added the 32GB version for immediate purchase at a price of £284.98.