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Creative Xdock HD

Creative announces their Xdock HD, an iPod dock that upsamples iPod video to HD resolution and stream music to multiple rooms in your home.

Photo of Creative Xdock HD with iPod Nano.
The Creative Xdock HD takes iPod video to the big screen. Creative

Creative has announced plans to release the Xdock HD, an HD-quality iPod video dock. The Xdock HD is due for a spring release with a retail price of $399. Four bills might seem like a steep price for an iPod dock, but the Xdock HD has some serious technology under the hood.

First and foremost, the Xdock HD provides a means to play iPod video content at 720p or 1080i resolution. This feat is accomplished by Creative's own video upsampling technology, which transforms your puny iPod videos into HD-worthy gems.

The second great asset of the Creative Xdock HD is its ability to output an attractive HD-quality iPod menu to your television, allowing you to browse through your music, podcasts, movies, and photos, with an included remote control.

Last, but not least, the Xdock HD goes over the top with all manner of iPod audio tricks. Taking advantage of Creative's proprietary X-Fi Crystalizer and CMSS-3D sound enhancement technology, the Xdock HD can breathe new life into stale music and movie audio, and can even spit out full DTS surround sound. The Xdock HD outputs audio using both analog and optical line-out, or by broadcasting its audio wirelessly to any Creative X-Fi wireless receiver within 100 feet. Creative bundles a single X-Fi wireless receiver with the Xdock HD, and offers additional receivers for $99 each.