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Video Cameras

Creative Vado goes HD, hungover Cravers muster limited excitement

If you must get excited about the arrival of the new high-definition Creative Vado, do it quietly. Crave is feeling slightly fragile this morning

Crave would like to apologise in advance for the workmanlike nature of this post. It was the CBS Interactive Christmas party last night, and sparkling wordplay isn't high on the agenda in CNET Towers this morning. To business: Creative has launched a high-definition version of the Vado budget camcorder.

We could have done with one of these last night, for the Strictly CBS Dancing competition, in which assorted CNETers tore up the dancefloor. Crave was represented by chief sub-editor Nick 'Twinkle-Toes' Hide, while Rory 'Reckless' Reid put the G in tango. The Vado HD is only available in the States though, with sightings on Amazon. We'll let you know when it comes to this side of the pond.

The new HD model delivers 1080i video in a redesigned body. Speaking of redesigned bodies, phone expert Andrew Lim looks like a broken man. With 8GB of built-in memory, the Vado would probably remember more about last night than he does.

Flip went HD recently with the Mino HD, and although Creative is a step behind, the Vado does offer something you won't get on other similar models such as the Kodak Zi6. It packs an HDMI port for connecting to your HDTV, and even includes an HDMI cable in the box, which earns a thumbs-up from Crave's TV reviewer Ian Morris, who is remarkably chipper today.

Amazon is taking preorders for the Vado HD at $200 (£135). You also get improved software, and a soft case to protect the camcorder from knocks. We reckon MP3 wonk Nate Lanxon would probably want one of those for his head about now.

Right, enough terpsichorean tomfoolery. Who's for a Bloody Mary?