Creative readies the Vado HD: Is it better than the Flip Video Mino HD?

Creative is releasing its new HD mini camcorder, the Vado HD, on Monday, December 8. The list price is $229, but Amazon is taking preorders at $199.99.

Amazon is selling the Vado HD for $200. Amazon

Things are heating up in the HD mini camcorder space as Creative gets set to release its new Vado HD next week. The camcorder retains many of the design traits of the original Vado but it doesn't share the exact same body. However, it does have something that neither the Kodak Zi6 nor the Flip Video Mino HD has: an HDMI connection (plus an included cable) for outputting 1080i video to your HDTV. And it comes with 8GB of built-in memory--all for around $200.

In our review of the Vado, we knocked it a bit for being pretty no frills, and Creative seems to have taken that to heart. Along with the HDMI cable, it's throwing in a protective case and a real software package for tweaking your videos after you shoot them. Like the Mino HD, it captures H.264 AVI videos at 30fps with a 1,280x720 CMOS sensor and gives you about 2 hours of battery life from its removable rechargeable battery. You can also shoot 640x480 VGA video if you want.

On paper, the Vado HD looks good, but the big question is, how will its video quality compare to that of the Mino HD and Zi6? We'll be getting a review sample shortly, so we'll hopefully have a full review up by early next week. The Vado HD lists for $229, but Amazon is taking preorders at $200 and we expect the price to stay there.

Comments anyone?

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