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Creative, Cyrix settle lawsuit

The companies settle a lawsuit which alleged trademark infringement against Cyrix, a National Semiconductor subsidiary.

Creative Technology has settled its lawsuit with Cyrix, which alleged trademark infringement against the National Semiconductor subsidiary, the companies announced today.

The suit alleged that the chipmaker was distributing Creative's SoundBlaster audio software driver software on its Web site without permission, as well as claiming its chips were compatible with Creative's SoundBlaster audio software drivers.

Cyrix manufacturers low-cost computer processors that integrate several discrete functions like audio and graphics acceleration. By integrating functions that previously were carried out by several different processors, Cyrix keeps its costs down. Its chips are used in sub-$1,000 computers by Compaq and Packard Bell.

The settlement was announced today but signed last week, a day before a major hearing between the two parties. The details of the settlement were not disclosed, but they do include a permanent injunction prohibiting Cyrix from using or distributing Creative's SoundBlaster drivers.

"We are very pleased to conclude this victory with a clear victory: a permanent injunction that achieves all of our objectives," said John Danforth, vice president and general counsel of Creative Labs, in a statement today.

The settlement also includes language prohibiting Cyrix from displaying SoundBlaster trademarks or claiming its XpressAudio feature is SoundBlaster compatible unless it supports all SoundBlaster software, another issue in the lawsuit.