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Creative celebrates Valentine's Day late with red, pink Zens

New Creative Zens in red and pink spotted on

Oh, that sneaky Creative! Shipping newly colorful versions of the Zen to and other online retailers before even releasing a whisper of such events to media. No matter--I'm pleased as punch to see the Zen in colors other than black, even if those colors happen to be Pepto pink and race car red. Actually, the red model is kind of hot, but the two together are so Valentine's Day...and it's May. Personally, I'd like to see some metallic hues, even just plain ole silver. Or how about a nice, deep shiny purple? That's a rarity. It's unclear at the moment whether the new colors will be offered in the full range of capacities. The pink is currently available in 2GB ($69.98), while the red is offered in 4GB ($89.98). For full details, read our review of the Creative Zen.

Via (Thanks, Ben!)