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Creative announces the Zen Neeon 2 for Asian markets

Creative announces the Zen Neeon 2 for Asian markets

Our sister site, CNETAsia, has the scoop on the latest member of the Creative MP3 family: the 4GB Zen Neeon 2, which is available only in Asian markets at this time. From the article:

"Based on the Zen Neeon, the Zen Neeon 2 is the second update to Creative's Neeon line since November 2005. Unlike the first Neeon, which used a 5GB hard drive, the Zen Neeon 2 utilizes flash memory as a storage option. According to Creative, it will come in three flavors: 1GB (S$199 (US$124.86)), 2GB (S$269 (US$168.78)) and 4GB (S$309 (US$193.88))."

The Neeon 2 is anchored by a photo-compatible 1.5-inch color screen (the old Neeon was monochrome) with a relatively meager 128x128 resolution. You also get the option to personalize your player by adding Creative Stik-On skins. The Neeon 2, available in late August, also boasts video playback, FM and voice/line-in recording, and has the same GUI as the Zen V Plus. In other words, the little guy is stacked with features. It does sound a bit like the Zen V Plus, as CNETAsia says: "The Zen Neeon 2 is a beguiling update to the Neeon line. With a sleek form factor and varied new features, it's a worthwhile consideration for those looking for a masculine look to the cutesy Creative Zen V Plus."