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Crazy-fast mobility scooter takes on a Nissan Skyline

You don't want to miss this showdown between a car and the most incredible mobility scooter ever seen by CNET.

The ultimate sleeper. Garage Insanity

The phrase "world's fastest mobility scooter" will most certainly raise eyebrows and inspire chuckles, but what does it even mean? A stone-cold racing machine that packs more punch than an older Nissan Skyline. Don't believe me? There's a video to prove it.

Built by a team of tinkerers at Garage Insanity on the Isle of Man, the superpowered mobility scooter contains a Suzuki GSX-600F motorcycle engine and can do 0-60 in about three seconds and hit speeds topping about 156 miles per hour. Yes, you read that correctly: a scooter that does 0-60 faster than most cars on the road.

John McNeil, a founder of Garage Insanity, told me the scooter came about in a moment of boredom. His associates, Dale Glover and Richard Underwood, worked on the machine in their spare time, often saying, "This can only be a good idea" as it came together. After choosing the right engine, the team fabricated the rear of a racing kart, put it into the scooter, and slapped on a fiberglass shell.

During our chat, McNeil nonchalantly mentioned that the scooter once did a quarter mile in 13.281 seconds at 102.2 miles per hour. There's only one word for that: wowza. On August 31, the team will attempt a Guinness World Record on the Isle of Man and may beat the existing world's fastest mobility scooter's speed of 72 miles per hour.

In a hilariously insane video making the rounds today, the scooter takes on a 250-horsepower Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T in a quarter-mile run. The results will blow you away.