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Crazy engineer electrifies Wolverine's claws

Someone who calls himself the "hacksmith" gets a little power-hungry with Wolverine's favorite weapon.

What will they think of next? Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

While most of the X-Men have shiny superpowers, it seemed like Wolverine couldn't quite match up to some of the science-fiction abilities found among his peers -- until now.

Engineer James Hobson, who calls himself the "hacksmith," created a homemade upgrade for the comic book slasher by electrifying a pair of claws he created himself. The experiment, inspired by a similarly electrifying Thor's Hammer post on Hackaday, looks radically unsafe (and is definitely not recommended for all you at-home DIYers), as Hobson utilizes a transformer from an old oil furnace and feeds the electrical current into the claws.

"To be honest, I'm not too sure how many volts this transformer puts out," Hobson quips in the video. "It's certainly enough for a light show."

After a brief introduction, the clip becomes a light show as Hobson does a few zaps, then places a claw near another claw and creates a Jacob's Ladder-type effect as pulses of electricity flow between the two weapons. In case you're wondering, during the video, Hobson holds the blades with some vice grips wrapped in Plymouth EPR high-voltage insulating electrical tape to avoid the thousands of volts passing by. A request for comment from Professor Xavier went unanswered.