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Crazy Apple Rumors Site on hold indefinitely

With The Entity heading back to his home dimension, one of the funniest Apple-humor sites on the Internet is scheduled to go dark for a few months.

Much like the career of Jennifer fricking Connelly, perhaps the best source of Apple-inspired humor on the Internet is going on hiatus.

John Moltz, the editor of Crazy Apple Rumors Site, announced Tuesday that come Friday, he'll be taking a break from the daily grind of satirizing everything there is to satirize in the Apple universe. Moltz confirmed in an e-mail that after six years of CARS, he realized it was time to pause, reflect, and scour the earth for signs that the Cyber Apocalypse is re-emerging.

Crazy Apple Rumors Site on the MacBook Air: Technology! Whiskey! Sexy! Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

CARS, for the uninitiated, is a combination of faux "rumors" about upcoming Apple products--such as the "way cool" iMac that was rumored to be on tap in 2001, or the iHelmet designed to ward off the growing number of security threats for the Mac--and a hilarious spoof of Apple executives, celebrities, tech writers, and Apple fanboys.

A huge portion of the Apple world takes itself way, way too seriously, from the hypersensitive fans that bristle at any slightly negative mention of the company to the rumor sites that breathlessly profess to know everything about Apple's upcoming plans but tend to bat around .400, which, of course, is still plenty good enough to get you into the Hall of Fame. Everything and everyone is fair game at CARS, including the fabled Stevenote (Technology! Whiskey! Sexy!).

Here's hoping Moltz finds his toothbrush and returns to CARS refreshed and ready to poke fun at the world. He says he'll be back, although he won't post as frequently. Connelly only did one movie in 2007 after Blood Diamond in 2006, for the sake of my sanity, let's hope CARS isn't reduced to that level of production in 2008.