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Crazy and/or brilliant: Come Out and Play Festival in NYC

Crazy and/or brilliant: Come Out and Play Festival in NYC

A city-wide festival packed with activities such as physical activity and socializing, Manhattan's Come Out and Play is one of the most surprising and strange video game events we've seen this year. No consoles, no big companies, no game demos, no industry hype will appear at COAP, but it will still be full of dedicated gamers making the most out of their weekend.

The Come Out and Play Festival brings video games into the real world, thanks to the dedicated and creative work of the festival's volunteers. Participants join several dozen games using everything from cell phones and GPS systems to library books and good deeds. Games range from giant versions of classic games, such as Space Invaders played on the side of the building and a sound-only version of Pong, to elaborate problem-solving and tag games, such as the "quote-finding photography" game Quoto and the subversively charitable assassination game "Cruel 2 B Kind."

Come Out and Play takes place all weekend in Manhattan, with the festivities starting Friday at 6:00 at Eyebeam, located at 541 West 21st Street. More details can be found at Come Out and Play's Web site.