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Tech Industry

Cray ships new X1 supercomputer

Cray has begun shipping its new X1 supercomputer, the company said Thursday. The system, announced in November, is a key part of the supercomputer specialist's attempt to stave off competition from IBM, Hewlett-Packard and other companies that are trying to adapt more general-purpose computers to the supercomputer market.

Cray Chief Executive Jim Rottsolk touted the shipment as evidence of the company's health and growth for 2003. "With this shipment and recent orders, we have met all of our 2002 goals--first customer shipment of the Cray X1, revenue of between $150 and $160 million, profit for both the year and the second half, and (order) backlog of $100 million," Rottsolk said in a statement. Cray sells its own machines and, in the United States, other models from NEC.