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Craving NYC: Return to ITP!

The video blog goes back to the spring semester show for the wackiest fusions of art and technology around.

The Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU is very close to my heart. First, because it's one of those few magical places where you can say something like "That is so steampunk of you!" and actually have people know what you mean. Second, because its winter 2006-2007 student show was the setting of my very first video blog. Awwww!

So, this time around, I went over to the ITP spring semester show, which was held in one of NYU's building spaces on Tuesday and Wednesday, to see what the students over there have been coming up with over the past few months. There's some awesome stuff in there; ITP consistently rolls out some really neat fusions of art and technology that have a tendency to be rather mind-blowing.

Oh, P.S.: When you're dealing with interactive telecommunications, you actually want to "interact" with it--so that's why I took along CNET camera guy extraordinaire Wilson Tang. As a result, I was able to play with the fun exhibits without needing to wrangle a camera too. Thanks, Wilson!