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Craving NYC: Poker and pedicures

The latest installment of the weekly videocast.

I know it sounds a little trite, a little stereotypical, a little girly, etc., but I really did find the idea of learning the ropes of mobile poker to be slightly more accessible when I was told that I could have a pedicure in the process. That was the thinking behind an event to publicize Hands On Mobile's latest release, World Poker Tour: Texas Hold'em 2, which introduced a handful of curious females to the seemingly boys-only world of poker by providing lessons and demonstrations in the context of an afternoon of spa treatments at midtown Manhattan's luxurious Cornelia Day Resort.

And what I learned: Poker is sneaky, underhanded, sly, and a total power trip; just like Rachel McAdams' character in Mean Girls. No, really. It was fun.

P.S.: Producer Extraordinare Wilson Tang, i.e. "the guy holding the camera," declined to receive a pedicure. But he did get a very nice foot rub from some reflexologists. I have photos that he doesn't want you to see.