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Crave's iPhone roundup: Day two

Crave covers the latest iPhone news and gossip. Here's a roundup of news and information surrounding the release of Apple's much-anticipated phone.

It's the day before the iPhone release and the news about the shiny device is still coming fast and furious. Yesterday, Crave covered the hottest tidbits, which we've compiled for easy reading below.

It's only a day away

  • The iPhone's recessed headphones jack will require a special adaptor for headphones that don't come with the phone. Also, a lack of stereo Bluetooth means you won't be able to listen to music wirelessly.
  • Apple's posted a new video on its Web site that shows how to use the touchscreen keyboard. Apple promises that the iPhone will predict words as you type, to protect against misspellings. Another video demonstrated the activation process.
  • If you're switching carriers to purchase the iPhone, we point out several things you should know before you buy.
  • The AT&T store in Times Square has not attracted a line yet. Also, AT&T stores will limit iPhones to one per person.
  • We don't have the iPhone yet, but we can show you a gallery of iPhone accessories.
  • An ad on Craigslist is offering to scare iPhone buyers out of line.
  • The iPhone won't let you save MP3 files as ring tones, but it will offer an integrated utility for creating ring tones from songs purchased via the iTunes Music Store.