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Crave TV: Steve Jobs gets a grilling at UK iPhone launch

Check out our video of Steve Jobs unveiling the UK iPhone at the Apple store on Regent Street -- the gentlemen of the British press were rather less obliging than he's used to

Last week we got a cryptic invitation to an event at the Apple Store on Regent Street. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to possibly see the UK iPhone, we galloped over there to get a glimpse at whatever Apple had hidden in the store. Fortunately, it was the iPhone, and better yet, Steve Jobs himself turned up to show it off. The British press were perhaps a little less respectful than their US counterparts and posed Jobs some rather tough questions.

Take a look at the video to hear what ol' Jobsy had to say about iPhone hacks, why we're not getting a 3G iPhone just yet and why he thinks it's worth paying so much for it. Plus have a look at our photo story for close up images of the day's events and the UK iPhone. -Andrew Lim