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Crave TV: Sony's PFR-V1 headphones out and about in London

We took Sony's peculiar PFR-V1 headphones to the streets of London to gather opinions from the capital's gadget-hungry young popinjays

Sony's unusual PFR-V1 headphones are without question one of the most obscure personal audio products we've seen in a long time. They've seen a fair bit of coverage around CNET over the last week or so, but we thought we could go one step further and gather the opinions of London's gadget-loving young popinjays on video.

It turned out that there seem to be more people walking around central London who don't speak English than those that do. Either that, or multi-linguals were using their skill to avoid talking to the camera crew, who wanted opinions on what appeared to be a medieval torture device.

But eventually we got a heap of opinions, the best of which you can now enjoy in glorious motion picture form. Enjoy! And don't miss our full Sony PFR-V1 headphones review either. -Nate Lanxon