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Crave TV: Microsoft pushes journalist out of plane

Call us crazy, but we went skydiving with Microsoft. That's right -- we went hurtling through the air, all in the name of the new Windows Movie Maker, and we've got the footage to prove it

You can call Microsoft many things -- but you definitely can't call it boring. Or sane. In a fit of undeniable lunacy, Gates' staff invited us to jump out of a plane last week, so that we could experience some new features in Vista. It didn't make any sense then, and it makes even less sense now.

According to Microsoft's public relations guy, the idea was to film us skydiving, and then send our adrenalin levels through the roof by letting us edit the footage in Windows Movie Maker. Stupidly, we went along, and this accompanying video is proof that we've no regard for our own personal safety, and a distinct lack of common sense.

Would you jump out of a plane with the same people that made Windows ME? And the Zune? Watch the death-defying footage here. -Rory Reid