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Crave Talk: Apple announcements to stop the world turning

Apple will be making a massive announcement tonight in San Francisco. Until 6pm, we take a look at what we expect to see at this evening's event

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, cyborgs and cylons, the day the earth stands still has arrived. Again. At 6pm tonight, Apple's mack daddy (y'see what we did there?) will be unveiling some new Apple products, and making the hearts of fanboys around the world palpitate countless times a minute. We'll be at BBC Television Centre for a live satellite feed coming directly from San Francisco where the conference is taking place.

So, what are we going to see? We've decided what we expect to see and have every reason to believe we're correct. Let's take a look shall we?

Widescreen video iPod
Also known as the phoneless iPhone, the new Apple iPod will almost certainly have a 120GB hard drive, a touch-sensitive screen and Cover Flow navigation, among other things. The most desirable iPod to date has long been dubbed the 'true video iPod', and we expect to see it later tonight.

Video-enabled iPod nano
There have been pictures floating around the Web for a couple of weeks now claiming to be spy shots of a 'fat nano'. The reception by the blogosphere has been mixed. Some claim that it's about bloody time the nano, unusually behind the times in terms of technology, joined the ranks of other mini players that have video playing capabilities. We have every reason to believe the new nanos will also max out at 16GB capacities, too.

Beatles on iTunes
EMI is on iTunes. EMI even put out its entire back catalogue on iTunes. EMI also owns The Beatles recordings, but they're not on iTunes yet. We believe, however, The Beatles' collection will be hitting iTunes as from today. Apple's invitation to tonight's event features the tag line, "The beat goes on", which just so happened to be the closing line from the final ever Beatles press release:

"When the spinning stops -- that'll be the time to worry, not before. Until then, the Beatles are alive and well and the beat goes on, the beat goes on."

Other rumours
Aside from the big three mentioned above, the rumour mill is in full service and here are some other announcements we might hear about tonight:

Obviously, we'll have the full scoop for you as soon as we know the details.

Until the big announcement takes place, leave us your thoughts and expectations in the comments section below and have your predictions immortalised here in Crave! -Nate Lanxon