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Crave Podcast Collector's Edition: The Trial

This week the podcast is a very special collector's edition -- we've crafted a compilation of the best tech trials we've ever conducted. Go on, have a listen, you chopped-out Klaxons

This week we have an extra special treat for you: a collector's edition podcast. There's a staggeringly limited number of these, so download them quick. In a couple of years, this podcast will be worth more than a Kenner Bobba Fett on his original 1979 cardback.

We won't spoil the surprise by letting you know which trials we've picked, but believe us when we say they're three of the finest debates humanity has engaged in since the fall of the Roman Empire.

Rory and the team will be back in full-force next week, but until then, lather your brain stem in the warm bubblebath of this Crave Podcast retrospective. And to anyone who says this is a cheap trick designed to get around the fact Rory is on holiday this week: take your horrible cynicism and shove it up your USB slot. Click here to listen.

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