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Crave Podcast 94: Gaming, breast power and the iPhone again

This week, we look at the awesome power generation potential for lady parts, take an inevitable look at the iPhone 3G launch failure and have a sniff around the E3 games expo

Some said it was inevitable after Episode 93 (whenever that was). The simple fact of the matter is that Episode 94 is here, featuring Nate Lanxon, Rich Trenholm, the glamorous Kate Macefield and the totally glamour-less Ian Morris.

While a certain phone recently launched, we really wanted to ignore it as much as possible. Ultimately, we failed, providing two entire news stories about it. Admittedly, we didn't fail quite as badly as Apple did on launch day. Happily, there was other news, including some Oyster card troubles for Londoners and YouTube managing to persuade Viacom to accept its server logs with identifying information about subscribers removed. Phew! Our secrets are safe.

We also craved some glorious Sony laptops, got very excited about a battery indicator on a Samsung camera and celebrated Final Fantasy finally coming to the Xbox 360. The gaming expertise of GameSpot's very own Guy Cocker came in handy here and he filled us in on all the gossip from the world's largest computer games' trade show.

There's no confusion about episodes this week -- Rory's not here to mess it up again -- so we took a look at some of the interesting technology events from the year 1994 and came up trumps with the release of Netscape 1.0 and Nintendo proclaiming it 'year of the cartridge'.

Finish the show in WTF style, we delved into generating power from jiggling breasts and Kate said some things that we won't soon forget. Get downloading by right-clicking this link to get the MP3, or subscribe in iTunes, then have a nice chat with the other podcast fans in the Crave Podcast Lounge forum. We'll see you next week. -Ian Morris

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