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Crave Podcast 91: The Wiibrator is real

This week, Ian 'Victor Meldrew' Morris joins the crew, in what can only be described as… the 91st episode. They discuss Obama's music, the latest gear and a new app for the Wii

It's piggedy podcast Friday! This wiggedy week, Ian 'Victor Meldrew' Morris joins Kate Macefield, Rupert Goodwins and Rory of the Reids, in what can only be described as... the 91st episode.

We've got a good line-up as always. We crack the show open with the news that US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has 'opened' up his iPod so the world can examine his music tastes. In among the predictable Dylan and Springsteen rubbish was, shock of all shocks, hardcore rapper and Glastonbury headliner Jay-Z. Obama really is all things to all men -- someone give his spin doctors a pat on the back.

Next, we discuss one man's crusade against Internet adverts. 'Rick752', as he calls himself, has created an enormous list, which enables millions of Web surfers to filter and freeze out nearly all Web advertising. Does it threaten Web publishing itself? It sounds crazy, but not as far-fetched as the news that teachers are using Facebook as an educational tool.

And nor is it as deranged as the Portsmouth University boffins working on CCTV that can detect 'crime sounds'. Honestly, these cameras listen for noises that it thinks are criminal, then it swivels its lens to capture the action. Oh, and Gordon Brown wants to release a map of Britain that highlights crime hotspots -- bad news for anyone in Croydon that's trying to sell their house.

As ever, we give you a verbal tour around some of our favourite gadgets of the week, which this episode includes the Asus Nova Lite, the DVICO TViX HD M-6500A media streamer, and Sqish's camouflaged satellite dishes. Then we hit you with our special feature: The Year in Tech, which this week looks at 1991. All manner of awesome stuff happened that year, including the birth of the very first Web browser.

We answer a bunch of your tech questions from the forums, and hit you with a wonderful WTF. This week it's... well... let's just say the Nintendo Wii is not just for kids. It's for sex-starved adults, too.

Right-click here to download the show, get on the RSS bandwagon, subscribe in iTunes, sit back and enjoy. You can find all 90 of our previous ramblings here. -Rory Reid

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