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Crave Podcast 84: Wii pole-dancing game imminent?

This week we talk broadband via the sewers and Wii Pole Dancing, and we interview the three-man wrecking crew that host's The 404 Podcast

The Crave Podcast is back for its 84th episode, and by golly it's a cracker. It's the first episode we can remember that features five -- count 'em -- five members. Rory, Rupert and Ian, plus two lovely ladies: Kate 'Maceface' Macefield, and newcomer and bonzer Aussie geek Penelope White.

Our lead story this week is the rumoured pole-dancing game for Nintendo Wii. It's the brainchild of Peekaboo -- the same bunch who created the real-life Carmen Electra pole-dancing kit. Apparently the company is currently in talks with various publishers and developers to bring the game to life. Frankly, we -- and Pene in particular -- can't wait.

There's plenty of other stories to look forward to. Bournemouth is getting high-speed fibre-optic broadband via its sewer system, top police have branded CCTV in the UK a "fiasco", and Xerox has invented erasable printer paper.

We also spoke to our pals who present's 404 podcast -- Randall Bennett, Jeff Bakalar and Wilson Tang, to check what's poppin' in the US of A. We talk Amy Winehouse, Iron Man and challenge each other to a fight. Good times.

As is usual, we finish the show with a WTF. This week's it's about a Japanese council worker who managed to visit 750,000 porn Web sites in just nine months, at the rate of 20 pages per minute -- at his desk. Madness.

Subscribe to our show in iTunes, listen via MP3, lol, then discuss it in the Crave Podcast Lounge. We promise you won't regret it. -Rory Reid

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