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Crave Podcast 79: Free music with your broadband

It's podcast Friday and you're rocking with us for the 79th time! This week brings talk of unlimited free music bundled with your broadband package

It's podcast Friday! Rock with us for the 79th time, as we take you on a journey through the week's most interesting tech developments. We've got the usual blend of news, hands-on, hilarity and craziness delivered by Rory Reid, Kate Macefield, Shannon Doubleday and camera nerd Rich 'Mr' T.

First up, we discuss the Danish ISP that's bundling an unlimited music download service with its broadband offering. Scandinavian geeks who sign up to PLAY can leech millions of tracks from three of the world's four biggest music labels as often as they like and for as long as they like. Sounds like muzak heaven, if you ask us. When do we get it in the UK? Tiscali? Hello?

Next up, Amazon's started letting customers check prices and order goods via SMS text message. The idea is that you can browse your local high-street store, have a good grope of the product you want, then buy it from Amazon for a lower price by sending a text. It's cheeky, but we love the idea. It's Web minus 2.0 or something.

Also in the show you can find out who's responsible for most of Vista's crashes. The answer may surprise you, but not as much as this week's WTF, which is about a pair of glasses that can remind you where you left your keys, tell you what people's names are, and identify objects you don't have a clue about.

Don't forget, we also reveal the winners of our Crave t-shirt competition. It could, as they say, be you. Download episode 79 from this link, or go to our Podcast homepage to subscribe in iTunes and for more information. Then you can natter about it in the Crave Podcast Lounge. -Rory Reid

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