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Crave Podcast 64: 2007 sucked! Where's my hoverboard?!

It's the final Crave Podcast of the year! Rory and his wayward associates rummage through the hottest happenings of the week, plus pick out the highlights of 2007

Roll up, roll up, it's the final Crave Podcast of the year, and we're going out in style. Rory, Kate and their wayward associates rummage through the hottest happenings of the week in what could well be the best damn tech podcast of all time.

Hot on the agenda was the 'crazy' toaster, an actual toaster built to hack into your PC. Google said it couldn't be done, but Dror Shalev, a l33t security expert from Check Point proved them all wrong. Why? Why not, fools?

We also ponder news of a man jailed for life for withdrawing 'free' money from a malfunctioning ATM. Then there's Google's Wikipedia killer, a Jedi school that teaches lightsaber skillz, and craziest of all: fizzy drinks companies are saying it's games that make you fat -- not the lard in cans of soda. Who'da thunk it?

The Trial makes a return this week, and what better subject to tackle than 2007's entire tech landscape. Andrew Lim argues that '07 didn't live up to the hype: the iPhone wasn't all that, Vista flopped, and nobody's flying around on hoverboards. Rory Reid, on the other hand, reckons it wasn't all that bad. See who wins the debate in the last Trial of 2007.

Sit back, grab a pint of mulled wine, and let episode 64 warm your cochleas -- listen here. Happy holidays and may Jesus' birthday bring you a wealth of tech-related gifts. See you in 2008! -Rory Reid

Bonus content! Find out why drugs are bad, m'kay? 

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