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Crave Podcast 61: Dating tips for geeks

Should we dump people via text? Is technology detrimental to our relationships? Relationship sexpert Zoe Strimpel gives us the answers on all this and more

Is technology killing relationships? Are geeks the new alpha males? Should we follow Boris Becker's example and dump people via text? We have no idea, so in this week's Crave Podcast we copped hold of relationship sexpert Zoe Strimpel, of thelondonpaper, to settle the issue once and for all.

We also dissect the week's hottest news, including a real-life mechanical exoskeleton destined for the battlefield, how you can use your mobile phone to pay for literally everything, and how you can get a free tree with every laptop you buy.

Plus we settle the issue of plasma versus LCD TV, talk to the real-life Sarah Connor, and dissect some of the most bitter 'love' songs the music industry has ever produced. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this drivel and click here to listen. -Rory Reid

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