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Crave Podcast 60: Inside Cali Lewis' geek briefs

It's episode 60, and it's both humming and dinging. We interview podcasting legend Cali Lewis, of GeekBrief.TV fame, and put the idea of a Nintendo phone on trial

OMG! We've got a humdinger of a Crave Podcast for you. In the big six-oh, we dissect the Amazon Kindle, tell you how the Nintendo Wii can help you spot a cheating spouse, and we show you how to get food from the Co-op without handing over any cash.

But that's not all. We've got an interview with Internet podcasting legend Cali Lewis, of GeekBrief.TV fame. She's the hot one that does video podcasts on that Interweb thingy. Cali tells us how she avoids stalkers by befriending absolutely everyone, why she queued up for 10 hours to get an iPhone, and why she'll never be as big as Rory Reid's ego.

The Trial makes a return with our prosecution and defence teams in a bitter dispute over whether Nintendo would or should make a 'Ninten-Phone', and whether Wi-Fi deprivation could be a cure for autism.

Don't say we don't treat you right. Rest your eyes and let your ears do the rest -- just click here. -Rory Reid

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