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Crave Podcast 6: Digital rights management? No thanks...

The latest Crave podcast takes you from the launch of GameSpot UK to the future of retinal implants. Let Chris Stevens, Rory Reid and Rupert Goodwins fill you full of gadget wisdom…

Run for your lives, or at least your MP3 players -- the latest Crave podcast is here, ready for downloading on the hoof, at your desk or while eating chocolates in a domestic bathing facility.

Thrill as we ponder the launch of GameSpot UK, consider robot vision, put unfeasibly huge tellies on trial and have a good old-fashioned rant about the digital blight that is DRM. Join Rory Reid, Chris Stevens, Rupert Goodwins and GameSpot UK's Laura Jenner for the latest tranche of technology tattle.

Download the podcast from our fancy-pants podcast home page here.

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