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Crave Podcast 59: Bionic limbs -- armless fun?

The Pod Squad is back to tell you how to hire a hitman, why underage burglary is absolutely fine, and promote the joys of street drinking. We're the epitome of responsible journalism

We love recording the Crave Podcast. Not only do we get 30 precious minutes away from our desks, but we can legitimately give you advice on how to hire a hitman, tell you why kids shouldn't be locked up for burglary, and promote the joys of street drinking, without risk of being fired.

And that's exactly what we've done for episode 59 -- arguably the finest moment in podcasting history. This week's stories include the accusation from UK children's minister Beverly Hughes that MySpace makes children fat.

We also tell you about a forthcoming brain-controlled bionic arm, and how it could get you into trouble. Oh, and we've got the latest on who Prince is suing. Again.

It's worth listening, honest. Real girls have written in to tell us so, and you can hear their very comments in this very episode. Click this link thingy and we'll do the rest. -Rory Reid

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